Gisborne secondary step up

Today all of the students in year five and six were loaded onto the bus to Gisborne  Secondary college for our step up, we were going to see what it was like to be at high school and experience all the different teachers and different classes.  Now I know what it is like a little more and I think I will be ready for it.

As soon as we got off the bus we went to the theater room where we played a game that involved acting, communication and lots of laughs! It was called what are you doing and was where a person was picked to act out an activity, then another person from the grade was picked who had to ask what they were doing and they would say something completely different to the original. Then the person chosen had to say “that’s not how to “(and the say what it was)” this is” and then they would act out the activity and another person would be chosen to ask “what are you doing?” again-thus the game continues.

Next we did art, and we created flowers out of CDs. First of all we were given a CD disk each that we could decorate with our desired pattern and the art teacher would attach them to a skewer and stick all of the finshed works together on a block of wood, then we had a whole garden of recycled flowers.

Unfortunately that was all we had time for and had to leave after only two subjects. But I did learn that in secondary school we have a different teacher for English, science, spelling , maths and inquiry unlike a single teacher for everything.

Overall it was a great experience and now I will feel a lot more used to high school!

Our Unique Earth Expo

On Wednesday  the 14th of December we held our unique earth expo, which was where we had to choose a topic that was related to how the structure and movement of the earth effects the way we live every day throuout the year and I chose the process of fossilisation.

Fossils are formed when an animal or plant dies in a damp area such as a bog or marsh, the the creature eventually decays, leaving just the skeleton or the (or the stem if it is a plant), then layers of mud build up upon the remains and they turn to rock, from being compacted by the layers, the it becomes a fossil.

Coding week

every year schools all over Australia have been using the website to learn how to code computers using a technique called Blockley, today We were aloud to try out any coding course we wanted. Blockley is were we use blocks on the computer screen that each have a different command inside  them, then we drag the blocks together to match each other and we have a code, this is the basics of computer science.


An example of Blockley.

Sharing and dividing

Today in maths we worked on sharing and dividing, this is where we worked on our dividing skills using a very fun method.

We used a random number of popsicle sticks ad we bundled them into groups, then we pretended they were sticks and that we had to share them out between each member in our family and then we had write it down as sum, for example…

img_3668 H

Today we had so much fun in maths.

My reading goal

Today I am looking for evidence to back up my school reading goal. My reading goal is reading different varieties of books instead of just non fiction. I have backed up my goal by recording my novels in my reading diary.


On Friday we have our house athletics which is where our school houses, Lee, Galloway, Hurst and Devlin compete in a series of events including shot put, high jump, long jump, hurdles, 200 metre sprint and triple jump. Each one of our houses has seperate colour to go with it.

My house is Galloway and our colour is yellow. The houses  also each have a chant. Here are the lyrics to ours : Are you ready for the challenge, are you ready to be stopped, we are mighty Galloway reaching for the top, were gonna f.i.g.h.t, were gonna s.c.o.r.e were gonna fight(2x) were gonna score(2x) were gonna win this sport, go Galloway!